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Regence medical policies are evidence-based and take into account the available scientific evidence published in peer-reviewed journals, as well as evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and specialty society statements. The process for Regence medical policy development is described in the Introduction to the Regence Medical Policy Manual.

In addition, Regence values the experience and opinions of practicing physicians and other health care providers. Your feedback on our policies is welcome and is an important part of our annual policy review process.

You may provide feedback to us on the following policies by:

  • Responding to the email that directed you to this page.  Please be sure to identify the policy you are providing comments on in your email response. 
  • Accessing our contact page: Contact Medical Policy Staff. Please be sure to identify the policy in the policy name field, as well as your name, specialty and contact information. (Note: contact information only needs to be included if you do not regularly receive medical policy email notification from Regence.)

Endocrinology - (1)

ENT - (2)

General Surgery - (1)

Genetics - (1)

Hematology Oncology - (8)

Neurosurgery - (2)

Obstetrics and Gynecology - (1)

Oncology - (12)

Orthopedics - (1)

Plastic Surgery - (1)

Podiatry - (1)

Primary Care / Internal Medicine - (5)

Radiation Oncology - (5)

Radiology - (3)

Solid Organ Transplants - (1)

Urology - (1)