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The Regence Group Dental Policy
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Dental Policy Manual Terms and Conditions

The Regence Group® (TRG) Dental Policy Manual contains Dental Policies approved by TRG. Dental Policies have been developed through consideration of government approval status, dental necessity, generally accepted standards of dental practice, and review of dental literature.

TRG Plans use Dental Policies as guidelines for coverage determinations in all health care insurance products, unless otherwise indicated. TRG Plans include Regence BlueShield®, Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon®, Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah®, and Regence BlueShield of Idaho®, and any of their affiliated or subsidiary companies.

Conflict with Plan Documents
In the event of a conflict between a Dental Policy and any Plan document under which a member is entitled to Covered Services, the Plan document will govern. Plan documents include, but are not limited to, Subscriber Contracts, Summary Plan Documents, and other coverage documents prepared by a Plan.

Restrictions and Limitations

  • Dental Policies DO NOT determine the schedule of benefits. Rather, Dental Policies are used in the process to determine if a service will be paid by a Plan.
  • Dental Policies are interpreted and applied in the sole discretion of the Plan.
  • Dental Policy application is subject to state and federal laws and specific instructions from Plan Sponsors of self-insured groups.
  • Dental Policies DO NOT constitute dental advice and DO NOT guarantee any results or outcomes. If you are a member, you should discuss any related dental health care questions with your dental health care provider.
  • Dental Policies are the property of TRG and you are strictly prohibited from using them for any commercial use whatsoever. Commercial use does not include use of the Dental Policies for purposes related to the health care of a TRG Plan member. In addition, CDT codes and descriptions are the property of the American Dental Association with all rights reserved.
  • There is no obligation to update this site and the Dental Policies displayed may be out of date.

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